Select supply partners for restaurant

For small restaurants, you can market yourself to choose the food each day; otherwise, the great restaurants cannot buy foods each day as there are types of foods in need to import, at this time, you will need food provider for the restaurant.

1. Select the appropriate food provider

The prerequisite when choosing  food provider for the restaurant is the capacity of provider. A capable food provider  will give your restaurant the abundant and long-term materials – you can find out the capacity of providers through the way they treat to customers, by this way, you will know exactly the real capacity of food provider.

In Vietnam foods market, the foods supplies fairly develop, but on a small scale. Your restaurant serves a large amount of dishes with typical diversity of many different regions – you should think to select multiple food suppliers at the same time. Also, a capable food supplier will be a good consultant. With the newly opened restaurants, food suppliers play a role as an expert in food quality, providing the necessary food suggestions for restaurants… So, you very need experience of Chef – The Chef with long years of experience will know who will be the suitable food provider for your restaurant.

2. Price

Is the price appropriate? The price makes direct decisions to business and profits of restaurants. The prices are governed by a lot of factors – the decision of price depends on characteristics of type of food, the more or less number and familiar level of restaurants and suppliers. Small restaurant will bear much disadvantage on price than the larger restaurant – so you have to deal the most suitable price to balance finance for restaurant.

Hope that some tips of QDC Design & Build will help you able to select the most suitablefood supplier.