“The start is not easy” is a maxim which easily daunts anyone before deciding to do something important. Opening restaurant is the trend in 2017 when a series of restaurant is growing up, with “one capital but four profits”, so it attracts many people involved in the restaurant business.

Ignore the dream about profits, restaurant business also contains many risks leading to losses. The bottom line is in selecting location and ground, it is a key factor affecting to the failure of owner. As if choosing wrong ground or unfavorable location, it will be regarded as you’ve gone wrong – leading to loss in business.

Today, the need to rental and lease of ground in the big cities, beautiful location at the center of city is very hectic. Typically, there are hundreds of news on ground lease in online newspaper and traditional paper newspaper. However, the choice of location of restaurant business is not easy, with many years of experience in restaurant design, success in projects of large and small restaurants through Ho Chi Minh city, the tip below will help you to choose the restaurant ground extremely easy.

Identify the customer

You must determine targeted-customer who you are aiming for, who are they from the first seconds: office worker, students, guests, or middle-class guests, …. E.g.: if you plan to open a restaurant for lunch, you can not select the ground right next to the University – if you open the European food restaurant, you should not choose the suburbs regions.

Two factors are closely related to each other: what is your food? and who is your customer? once answer two questions above, you have solved 50% issue of selecting restaurant ground .

Refine and research location

The next step is to refine and research location. You should spend at least 2 weeks of regular presence at the rental location to survey, assess everything – from vehicle traffic, number of schools, offices and markets nearby, traffic-jam time to flooded level as raining,…. In summary, all matters from astronomy, geography, age and habits of living in the location you want to rent.

The time of survey will help you a lot in choosing the rightly desired ground location. The outstanding investors will accept to invest 100 million/month to select nice and prime location, populated area –  more than spending 20 million/month to rent a hidden location, limited vision and little people.

Ground space

It’s not always the large area and space will be better small one. Area depends on the type of restaurant that you do business and the capacity of restaurant design company. The space is not necessary too large, but must guarantee the comfort to customers, it should lie on the main road, at a central location to attract the sight of customers. You should also pay attention to the parking position, creating positive conditions for customers, especially in the frame of rush-hour to avoid troubling for people around.

One other important thing you should note is the current state of the ground. The ground has been already hired or not, current water and water system, …. Whether items of work can use or not …..

Signing of the contract

Contract for rental of ground is not only bound two parties: lessor and lessee, but also regarding to other legal issues. In addition to the contract period and monthly lease price, it should have relevant documents with the terms – rights, obligations of both parties, the issues related to increased rents, guaranteeing the time of rental price increase and monthly maximum increase percent.

Besides, you should also seek permission from owner for upgrading, renovation, restaurant design periodically every three years to renew the restaurant, attract more customers, increase the quality of the restaurant.