According to folk, the kitchen is the god supervising everything in the family. In terms of restaurants, the kitchen is the soul of restaurant, the success or failure of the restaurant business depends very much on the kitchen. Most restaurant kitchens are designed on a one-way principle to avoid food overlap, ensuring food hygiene and safety. Within the framework of the article, QDC Design & Build with major inrestaurant designwill share small experiences to help you design restaurant  effectively.

  1. One-way kitchen principle

One-way principle is the most important principle in the design of restaurant kitchen – ensuring a one-way movement of food, avoiding overlaps in preservation, processing and cooking. It saves time, while avoids contact between raw and cooked foods, ensuring food safety and hygiene in restaurants.

  1. Food storage

Function: store, preserve food. Food after being imported to the restaurant will be stored in the warehouse – including frozen and dry warehouses. Frozen warehouse: including freezer & cooler. Depending on types of food stored in the freezer or refrigerator. Dry warehouses consist of well-organized shelves for preserving dry foods.

  1. Table pressing foods

Table pressing foods consists of the following equipment:

  • Stainless steel table: processing foods, attached to trash outlets
  • Chopping board: processing all kinds of meat and other fresh foods …
  • Large stainless steel wash basin: including various wash basins, used for fresh food and vegetables
  • Foods processing equipment: Grinding machines, rolling mills, grinders

  1. Cooking kitchen area
  • Cooking kitchen: depending on the particular cuisine & style of the restaurant that you will choose the kitchen style – we can list some typical examples such as: European style kitchen, Asian kitchen, infrared kitchen, fried kitchen, charcoal grill, microwave ovens, multipurpose oven, pizza oven …
  • Hot-keeping equipment: keeping food always hot for diners, hot-keeping stove can be used in the kitchen or infrared cooker.
  • Smoke processing equipment: venting smoke, deodorizing kitchen, help the kitchen air always in a clean condition, protect the health of restaurant staffs. Smoke remover is a very important equipment in the restaurant kitchen area, depending on the large scale, you should consult and choose the appropriate smoke removers.
  • Sanitary ware, dish-washing equipment: cups, plates, p bowls …. After use, they will be separated to be cleaned and dried to ensure food safety and hygiene.
  1. Gas system

Although the device is increasingly modern, many appliances use electricity; they can not replace the gas completely. The use of gas also implies many risks and hazards stalking. To ensure the safety gas system, you need to ensure the fire safety of the restaurant, use of safety shut off valves, alarm sirens, on-site fire fighting system to fix the problem.

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