Restaurant business is a hot field bringing great profits in 2017 – With high investment capital but large profits plus quick payback, restaurant business is attracting many investors. Besides choosing the location of the business and ground location, the design of restaurant also contributes to the success or failure of restaurant business.

The restaurant is not merely where people come and enjoy delicious foods; moreover, the restaurant also is where people relax on the last of the day and weekends – the place to exchange, sign and build a long-term relationships in the work – place to develop emotion and love of dating couples. Therefore, the restaurant owners need to create truly comfortable space, so as to make an impression before customers, besides continuously improve service quality.

  1. Select restaurant design & construction partner

A pretty ground with nice location in the middle of the city centre is often very expensive; therefore, the first request to select design partner is the time. A professional restaurant design company will shorten maximumly design & construction time to save cost for customers – in parallel with that is still to ensure proper design at the request of the owner and highlight the inherent beauty by design capability of the company.

QDC Design & Build is a company with many years of experience in restaurant design – with motto of “beautiful design – fast construction”, QDC always shorten the time to ensure maximum cost savings for customers but still guarantee perfect construction of restaurant.

  • Time of quotation: 01 day
  • Design time: 3-5 days
  • Construction time: 2-3 weeks
  • Shifts:  3 shifts per day
  • Consult quotation & design: 0909 660 786 – 091 888 4911 (Mr. Dat)
  1. Select a design style

The first thing you need to perform is to clearly define design style, since it will be the guideline in throughout design process. Design style depends very much on the restaurant’s dishes, for example, you open a restaurant serving pancakes and western dishes – the tip is you should select the rustic style design, using materials from bamboo….

There are many design styles but they are divided by 3 main styles: classical, semi-classical, modern. Classic style will suit for the European- and tradition-contemporary dishes that will fit to fast-food restaurant or grilled foods restaurant, etc… Qualified companies will design nice restaurant for you with many impressing details to create subtle accents of attraction, suitable for style and comments as well as the taste of the investor.


  1. Construct & complete the works

Selection of main color is the important issue that you should pay attention. The combination of paint colors, hardwood or carpeted floors, interior colors – all elements coordinate with each other creating a truly exquisite interior space.

Wooden interior is crowned in 2017 – the usage of wood in decoration and furnitures combined with yellow light makes your restaurant become ever more cozy.

Selection of design & construction in the same company will help you a lot. Consistency in design ideas with the deployment of ideas to build the restaurant will help to accelerate the construction schedule to save a lot of time as well as costs.


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