Fires can occur anywhere, gas-fired restaurant business imposes huge risk of fire risk, fire fighting and prevention of restaurants is very necessary to minimize the risk of damage caused by fire.

Due to the serious consequences of fire and explosion – upon setting up the restaurant plan, the investors should ensure safety of kitchen area. On-site fire-fighting systems should always be regularly inspected, maintained and in ready condition.

  1. Design and construction

Smoke exhaust system: the restaurants must have at least two smoke outlets to support each other. Smoke systems are easy to smell and greasy. This is where most of the oil and grease are accumulated. Oil and grease are very easy to burn fire in high temperature QDC design & build recommends that restaurant owners should clean the vent every month to avoid any unfortunate incident.

Automatic fire alarm and fire fighting system: fire fighting system is an essential component in any of the works. According to National Fire Protection Association NFPA – the automatic fire alarm and fire fighting system must be checked at least every two years. Automatic fire fighting system must be set up the design draft along with other items in the works. Automatic fire alarm and fire fighting system must operate smoothly when the incident is occurred.

  1. In case of incident

With small fires, staffs can apply portable firefighting equipment, in combination with leaving off the fires. All staffs in the restaurant must be trained on 4-step command of fire fighting:

  • Alarm:
  • Turn off circuit breaker
  • Use on-site firefighting equipment
  • Contact 114 – professional firefighting team

With the huge fires, alarm immediately and take everyone out by exits, the exits should only use un-clocked specialized fire-resistant door so that people can escape when the incident is occurred.

  1. Prevention of fire and explosion in the restaurant

Fire prevention is better than firefighting and the consequence solution will spend much effort and money; therefore, we should be careful to prevent.

Vents must be always clean – keeps the kitchen clean – automatic fire alarm and fire fighting system will operate effectively. Regular checking + hygiene + maintenance of firefighting equipment help you limit the risks due to fire damage.