In any organization, the human factor is the most important factor. In the restaurant environment, the human factor is placed above all else. Human resource recruitment is particularly important, requiring the recruiter to have skills, experience as well as leadership ability to control subordinates.

The restaurant business is always changing, not as quiet as its appearance, especially human factor. Restaurant personnel always changes, so instead of trying to fill the holes in the personnel, you should try to keep the people who are good at the restaurant – personnel stability will bring successes in quick time. Let’s share the experience in recruiting and organizing restaurant human resource with QDC Design & Build.

1. List the vacancy

Depending on the level of business – different scale of restaurant to prepare the list of needed personnel positions. Typically, the restaurant will require the following locations: Restaurant manager, service staff, chef, …

2. Restaurant manager

It can be said that this is a quite important position of the restaurant, in addition to the restaurant owner, the manager is the second most important. Candidates for restaurant management position must have many years of experience in dealing with issues, dealing with emerging issues, good restaurant organization and leadership and have worked at various locations in the restaurant before becoming a manager.

Convincing the manager of restaurant is difficult, keeping them sticking to the restaurant is more difficult,  the restaurant owner should offer attractive salary with other preferential treatments.

3. Service staff

It can be said that this is the continuously “in and out” department of restaurant, they face-to-face contact with customers, so they must be pleasant, able to bear pressure before customers, well understand the customer psychology.

The wishes of customer are so varied, and at the times of crowded people, service staff must work very pressure, so staff service must be calm and bear high pressure while working. That is also the reason why the service staff is very discouraged and not stick to the company for long time, instead of constantly changing the vacancy, you should encourage or guide the new staffs to motivate them, so that they will be stick to the restaurant for a long time.

4. Chef

It can be said that chef is the soul of restaurant, the success of the restaurant depends a lot on the chef. Chefs are the ones who directly create foods for customers. Although the chef does not directly meet customers, but indirectly put the essence – heart and mind to customers.

Chef, in addition to professional requirements, also needs diligence and discipline, the chef is responsible for the main dishes in restaurant, as well as management of other personnel positions in the kitchen….