There is a harsh truth that not only you do restaurant business – there are dozens of other restaurant competitors are competing with you on the same geographical location. So, what you have to do to be able to compete with other restaurants – the answer is marketing strategy for restaurant.

Every restaurant has a dream about profits, the monthly sales figures bring much profit – but the truth is not always pink. Within a year, the majority of restaurant is all broken up, the cause of failure is not due to bad foods or poor service, it is because nobody knows your restaurant – So, it’s the time you need a marketing strategy for your restaurant.

1. Everyone loves taking pictures

Customers come to your restaurant not only to eat but also to relax after a long time of hard work – together with that is the habit of taking photos and check-in. Therefore; besides the eye-catching and delicious dishes, you should also pay attention to the furniture decor in restaurant. Don’t be poor in design as well as wasting money on cheap plastic items.

A thoroughly designed furniture space, using many eye-catching wood materials combined with the beautifully presented dishes, it seems like you have taken 90% of customer’s interest. Also note that, periodically 1-2 years, you should also change the interior space to avoid boredom, increase the level of attraction to all customers.

2. Social Network

We can’t deny the power of Internet today, if you give up Marketing strategies on Internet, it means that you have missed a large amount of potential customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twister, Blog … along with the system of Forum website are incredibly exciting playgrounds; as a result, you can exchange and attract customers in your area.

Marketing Online phrase sounds like familiar but extremely close, almost anyone must access google or facebook to search for their needs. Don’t be afraid to spend money for the ad campaign on google – Google adword is the quickest way to help you reach the right customers in the area you live. Don’t forget to study the behavior of users in order to run google – facebook adwords campaign more effectively.

3. Traditional advertising

The quality of dish is exactly the best way of ad for your restaurant. No investment will be effective by investment in products that you are trading. Only the quality, flavour, eye-catching presentation, the uniqueness of new dish is the key point for the success of your restaurant.